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We love hearing about weird eBay auctions, so if you find any please tell us! Closed auctions are fine, and so are items from other auction websites.

We accept lots of different things, but please don't submit:
- anything with the words "fart" or "gag" in the title
- kangaroo scrotum purses
- joke auctions that have already been listed many times (ad space on body parts, 'haunted' dolls, clothes and paintings, Virgin Mary images on food, etc.)

Also, please don't send attachments or HTML, just URLs of funny eBay auctions, and tell us why you think the items are worthy.

So. Found an amusing, unusual or downright bizarre auction on eBay? Send it in!


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Friday, April 01, 2005

8:19 PM | link
Maybe she's crying because people keep saying they've seen her in grilled cheese sandwiches.

(thanks, Terry!)

7:39 PM | link
"Garfield The Creepy Perverted Cat Withdrawn Riding Toy".

(thanks, Corey!)

7:36 PM | link
There's camping, and then there's "camping."

(thanks, Gregg!)

7:27 PM | link
Haunted dolls and ad space on your forehead are, like, sooooo last week - all the cool kids are now selling the naming rights to their babies and houses and pets and stomach tumors and... uh...

(thanks, Jason!)

7:03 PM | link
Terri Schiavo may be resting in peace, but there's no sleep for legions of eBayers looking to make a quick buck from her death.

Most are offering the usual memorabilia, like magazines and domain names. But wait, it gets even weirder: you can also buy cufflinks and fan art, a letter from Michael Schiavo and possibly the most tasteless souvenir imaginable: a feeding tube crucifix.

(thanks to all who contributed to this!)

(also, while we have your attention, please make sure you have a living will.)

6:58 PM | link
Some cooks have separate cutting boards for meat, poultry, seafood and produce. Oh yes, and human flesh.

(thanks, Claire!)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

7:31 PM | link
That's funny, eh? Our neighbors up north are amusing themselves while waiting for the spring thaw by posting ugly objects on eBay. Members of a discussion board on eBay Canada are running a contest to see who can dredge up the worst item, from horrid lamps and bizarre clocks to really questionable clothing.

Search "UICTS" for more gems.

(thanks, Heather & Andrew!)

7:30 PM | link
Now all you Trump fans can play along at home with The Apprentice: Home Edition.

(thanks, Aaron & Kari!)

6:55 PM | link
Some people like to have sex in front of the window, though usually they're inside the building.

(thanks, Daniel!)

6:51 PM | link
Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." At the very least, he's the light of your living room.

(thanks, Maggie!)

6:46 PM | link
How to tell when it's time to leave home for the big city.

(thanks, April!)

6:43 PM | link
"The actual plate and screws (that are still inside my leg) will also be sent to the winning bidder at a later date if they are ever removed from my body." If they aren't removed, can we have your leg when you die?

(thanks, Kevin!)

6:25 PM | link
Will they still honor your bid if your last name is Satan?

(thanks, Buck!)

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